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Contact any member of the Northeast Mississippi Alcorn Alumni Chapter to join our chapter and the Alcorn State University National Alumni Association. Choose the type of membership that’s right for you:


  • If you have successfully completed at least three semester credit hours at the undergraduate level, you’re eligible for Annual Membership.

  • If you are a friend or spouse of an Alcornite or an Alcorn faculty member, you can apply for Associate Membership.

  • If you want to save on lifetime dues and support your Alumni Association now, choose Life Membership for a one-time fee of $500.

  • If you are at least 70 years old, you are automatically granted Exempt Membership and do not have to pay dues.

  • If you have been recognized by the Alumni Association for outstanding service to the University or the Association, you may be granted Honorary Membership. Honorary members do not pay dues, hold office, or join the board of directors.


When you graduate from Alcorn (with either an undergraduate or graduate degree), you automatically receive one year’s free Annual Membership in the Alumni Association. After that initial year, National Alumni Association dues are $50 per calendar year, and local chapter dues are $25 per calendar year. 

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