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Purpose of the Alcorn National Alumni Association:

The purpose of the association to promote the welfare of Alcorn State University; to establish mutual beneficial relationship between Alcorn State University and the Alumni Association; to promote literary and scientist pursuits and matters kindred there to. Without in any way limiting the foregoing, but in expansion there of, the Association shall encourage and promote professional guidance through the advisement of pre-professional and graduate students at Alcorn State University through a chapter organization, support, and the leadership.

Office of Alumni Affairs Mission

Our mission is to serve as an effective liaison that fosters and enhances a mutually beneficial relationship and communication between Alcorn State University and the Alcorn State University National Alumni Association and friends by providing engaging programs, services, events, and initiatives that support the University’s mission of lifelong learning, research, and service for diverse constituencies and that encourage investment in and support of the University.



Our History in Words 

About the author:  Josephine McCann Posey graduated from Alcorn State University and went on to receive her doctoral degree from Mississippi State University. She currently serves as the dean of the School of Education and Psychology at Alcorn State, and is the author of Against Great Odds: The History of Alcorn State University. Selected as a Fulbright Scholar in 1996, Dr. Posey has dedicated her life to educating young people and brings to this work a great sense of pride in the school’s storied past, its thriving present, and its promising future.



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